About Terry Kruller von Nassau Dietz

After years of working in management positions in various
industries, it feels natural to me to guide people, to learn to understand them and to show empathy for their personal situations. 

To Live in the NOW is the best decision of your Life!

Through my business experience, a few love relationships and working as an agent for artists, I am very interested in interpersonal contact. Over the years I have followed many courses in management, assertiveness, communication, orthomolecular therapy. In addition, I attended workshops on coaching and psychic therapies, and I am qualified in meditation techniques, I do TM (Transecendetal Meditation) daily, and am initiated into the Reiki. I always think holistically so body and mind are in close connection with each other.

I have been brought up progressively in my private life and have had a fun and pleasant childhood. Moreover, I have had a few love relationships, in which there was sometimes a lot of sadness and in which I also had to deal with partners with alcoholism and personality disorders. Because of those relationships and the wounds, you learn every time and you grow enormously.

From an early age I was very interested in health and in relationship
psychology. I have studied and practiced all major influencers such as Wayne
Dyer, John Gray, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and Harville Hendrix, mostly in
my own life.

I like to guide adults and children to feel stronger, confident and self-aware. To help you deal with trauma, or to guide you and your relatives on how to deal with HSP, ADD, ADHD, Asperger and other socially unacceptable behaviors.
Moreover, I can help you – as an orthomolecular therapist – to stay healthy and / or to alleviate complaints and give nutritional advice.

I can also assist you with reintegration into the labor process. 

My mission is to inspire people !!!

I am happy to guide you, always from my heart.

Interested? call: Terry Kruller von Nassau Dietz 06 – 53 57 57 10


The conversations will take place in my pleasant office / practice room at my house in The Hague.

For individuals

First intake interview 50 minutes 60,
We discuss what the problems are and which goals you will achieve

Following conversations 60 minutes 75, –
The sessions with business people can be held on request at their company or in my office / practice.

For companies

First intake interview 50 minutes 65,-
Here we discuss what the problems are and which goals you like to achieve
Following conversations 60 minutes 85, –

These amounts are exclusive of 21% VAT and any travel costs.

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